Babies can eat so many more foods than we give them credit for! In 2016 Katie Ferraro created the original 100 First Foods™ approach to starting solid foods safely with baby-led weaning. This program has helped tens of thousands of families encourage their babies to eat 100 safe foods before turning one.

The Checklist
100 First Foods™ Checklist
Keep track of all of your baby’s new baby-led weaning foods with your free copy of Katie Ferraro’s original 100 First Foods™ checklist.
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The Program Baby-Led Weaning with Katie Ferraro

A digital course & step-by-step guide for starting solid foods safely with baby-led weaning

  • Video training 5 hours of self-paced video training
  • Feeding schedule and meal plans 100 First Foods™ content library
  • Baby-led weaning recipes Over 100 baby-led weaining recipes