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7 Real Life Stories of Babies Choking on Food

Your baby choking on food is a real - but rare risk. Educating yourself about reducing choking risk can help prevent your baby from choking on food.

Gear Starting Solid Foods
Baby Feeding Gift Guide

Whether you buy your baby holiday gifts or not, this is definitely the time of year to stock up on feeding gear!

Gear Foods
Don't Feed Off the Tray: 5 Benefits of Using a Suction Mat or Bowl

It might be tempting to plop your baby’s food right on the table or the high chair tray…but offering food out of a suction mat or bowl helps promote independent eating from your baby’s first bites.

Prefeeding Gear
5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Baby-Led Weaning

July 1 is officially National Baby-Led Weaning Day and here is how you can celebrate with your self-feeding baby.

10 Trader Joe's Foods to Buy for Baby-Led Weaning

This is not a “first 10 foods” or the only 10 foods you could purchase at Trader Joe’s, by any means! It is simply a list of 10 foods from TJ’s that you might NOT have thought your baby can eat.

Allergies Foods 100 First Foods
What is the 100 First Foods Approach to Baby-Led Weaning?

Babies can eat so many more foods than we give them credit for! Learn how to help your baby safely eat 100 foods before turning one using baby-led weaning.

Prefeeding Choking Foods
What is Baby-Led Weaning?

What is baby-led weaning and does it work? In this article I’ll answer common questions about starting solid foods using baby-led weaning so you can decide whether or not this approach is for you.

Prefeeding Nutrition
How Do I Know If My Baby is Ready to Start Solid Foods?

Babies are ready to start learning how to eat solid foods somewhere around the 6 month mark.