Baby-Led Weaning with Katie Ferraro

A step-by-step digital program for starting solid foods safely and navigating the original 100 FIRST FOODS™ meal plan with baby-led weaning.

  • Feeding schedule and meal plans 100 FIRST FOODS DAILY MEAL PLAN WITH FOOD PREP VIDEOS
Baby-Led Weaning with Katie Ferraro

Help your baby learn to love food

Developed by Katie Ferraro, Registered Dietitian and infant feeding specialist, this program is a comprehensive, step-by-step roadmap for starting solid foods safely with baby-led weaning. Follow Katie’s 100 FIRST FOODS™ meal plan to help your baby build a solid foundation for a healthy future with food.

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Reduce the risk & severity of picky eating

The 100 First Foods™ approach is an effective, safe way to expose your baby to a wide variety of foods, flavors, tastes and textures that helps children achieve diet diversity. This approach reduces the risk and severity of picky eating so that you don’t have to short-order cook for selective eaters or buy processed baby foods.

Honor your baby’s ability to self-feed

Baby-led weaning allows your baby to be an active participant in family mealtimes. The 100 First Foods™ approach fosters feeding autonomy from your baby’s first bites. Learn how to establish mealtime routines and boundaries as well as consistent eating environments that promote healthful eating habits and naturally balanced meal structure.

Create a safe, stress-free mealtime

With the 100 First Foods™ Daily Meal Plan and program, you’ll never worry about which foods to feed your baby next! Expert guided food preparation videos, instructions and recipes help move your baby through trickier textures, safely introduce potentially allergenic foods and reduce choking risk so that you can avoid overwhelm and start enjoying mealtimes with your baby.

Program overview

Guided by nutrition practice and research, Baby-Led Weaning with Katie Ferraro is an evidence-based, straightforward approach to starting solid foods safely with baby-led weaning. The program includes 25 training videos that take you from the pre-feeding phase to the one year mark with a complete 100 FIRST FOODS Daily Meal Plan, feeding cheat sheets and checklists, guided allergenic food introduction, advanced gagging vs. choking training, and over 100 Phase 2 combination food -led weaning recipes that your whole family will love.

What you'll get

Expert-led video trainings

Every module and lesson is organized and streamlined to move your baby from pre-feeding through the three distinct phases of baby-led weaning, so that by age 1 almost all of your baby’s nutrition will successfully be coming from food.

100 First Foods™ Daily Meal Plan

A strategic 100-day roadmap with 20 weeks of baby-led weaning meal plans to help your baby master trickier textures, safely eat allergenic foods and gain exposure to a wide variety of foods to help lower the risk of picky eating and save yourself valuable time, money and sanity while doing so.

100 First Foods™ Content Library

In addition to the 100 First Foods™ meal plan, you have instant and lifetime access to the original 100 First Foods content library with instructions, videos, resources and recipes on how to safely make every food for your baby’s current age and stage, so that you’ll never wonder if you’re doing baby-led weaning the right way.

100+ Phase 2 combination food recipes

Once your baby masters the isolated texture foods in Phase 1 of baby-led weaning (the first 8 weeks), it’s time to move on to the over 100 combination food recipes for Phase 2. These are recipes your whole family will love so that you don’t have to worry about what your baby is having for dinner tonight, because the recipes are right there.

100+ Phase 2 combination food recipes
Feeding guides, checklists and cheat sheets

Support resources, including grocery lists, open cup training, checklists and cheat sheets designed to help you and your baby achieve important feeding and nutrition milestones so that you don’t have to go hunting and pecking all over the internet to figure it out on your own.

An Evidence-Based Road Map

An easy to follow, evidence-based plan for helping your baby safely eat over 100 foods before turning 1. If you’re overwhelmed or tired of confusing, conflicting advice about starting solid foods, this is the program for you. Let’s get started eating real food safely so that you can enjoy this phase while your friends and family comment on what an amazing eater your baby is!


Who is this for?

This program will work for you if:

You haven’t started solid foods yet, you’re overwhelmed and not sure where to start

This is a step-by-step plan for safely introducing your baby to age-appropriate solid foods with all of the resources you need located in one place.

You’re doing “purees without a plan”...

Maybe you started with conventional, adult-led spoon-feeding but you want your baby to try new textures and start self-feeding. This program shows you how to make the switch from purees, even if you’re scared of choking.

You started with some solid foods, but now you’re feeling stuck...

If you feel like you’re feeding the same 5 foods over and over, this program will get you out of your rut with a proven roadmap for raising an independent eater who loves all types of foods.


Training videos for each phase

Instant and lifetime access to a comprehensive, step-by-step blueprint for safely transitioning your baby to solid foods.

25 training videos take you through the 3 distinct phases of baby-led weaning: from the pre-feeding phase what to do before you start, to Phase 1 where you’re mastering the first 40 single, isolated foods.

In Phase 2 your baby makes the transition to combination, multi-textured foods. And when you finish Phase 3, your baby is now getting most of their nutrition from solid food as you approach the all-important 1-year mark.


Daily Meal Plan

100 FIRST FOODS™ Daily Meal Plan

The 100 FIRST FOODS Daily Meal Plan provides you with 20 weeks of baby-led weaning meal planning to take the guesswork out of which foods to make your baby next. Using Katie’s 5-STEP FEEDING FRAMEWORK™ you introduce 5 new foods per week. The meal plan includes daily recipes, menus as well as a weekend allergenic food maintenance program.


Content Library

100 First Foods™ Content Library

Not sure how to cook quinoa for babies or struggling to make pork safe? The 100 First Foods™ Content Library is your hands-on guide for starting solid foods safely.

The 100 First Foods™ Content Library features every food from the 100 First Foods™ list with videos and instructions and recipes on how to make each food for your baby’s current age and stage.

You can choose your own 5 foods to offer each week from the content library, or follow my 100 First Foods™ Daily Meal Plan with every week’s new foods, menu items and recipes laid out in a developmentally appropriate food progression.


BLW Toolkit

Cheat sheets, feeding guides, and more

A baby-led weaning toolkit packed with cheat sheets and checklists, feeding guides and schedules, grocery lists and a pantry planner…I created all of these tools so you don’t have to. No more hunting and pecking all over the place to figure out what to feed next - it’s all inside of this baby-led weaning toolkit.

Gagging vs. Choking Training

If the fear of choking is holding you back, my Gagging and Choking will set your mind at ease.

Babies who start solid foods with a baby-led approach are at no higher risk of choking than are conventionally spoon-fed babies…but that only holds true when parents and caregivers are educated about reducing choking risk.

The purpose of this training is to educate you about the difference between gagging and choking, show you how to lower choking risk and explain why gagging is a natural and necessary part of learning how to eat.

Baby-Led Weaning Seasoning Guide

Babies don’t have to eat bland food! Research shows that babies who are exposed to a greater number of foods and flavors and tastes and textures are more likely to become independent eaters and less likely to be picky eaters. 

The baby-led weaning seasoning guide shows you how to safely season foods for your baby without using added sugar, excess salt or super spicy ingredients that could be injurious to your baby’s health.

All other seasonings though are on the table…and this guide will get you seasoning your baby’s food safely in no time!

Baby-Led Drinking Guide

Your baby can start learning how to drink out of an open cup starting at 6 months of age. Inside of this program you’ll learn how to transition your baby off of the bottle by around 1 year of age and your baby will be drinking out of an open cup - on their own by that point!

We don’t do sippy cups, since they’re harmful for a couple of reasons you’ll learn about in the program…but the baby-led drinking guide helps you safely wean your baby off of infant milk as their intake of food gradually increases.



Over 100 Combination Food Recipes for Phase 2

Not sure which foods your baby can eat? The program includes 100 combination food recipes for Phase 2 of baby-led weaning. You can quit freezing pureed ice cubes and start offering your baby real food!

We don’t do rice cereal for babies any more and you don’t need to buy expensive or nutritionally incomplete pouches. The 100 combination food recipes in this program are recipes that your whole family will love…and they help you reintroduce familiar foods from previous days that build your baby’s acceptance of and familiarity with new foods.

Hi, I'm Katie!

I’m a Registered Dietitian, college nutrition professor and mom of seven who specializes in infant feeding and baby-led weaning. Like many of you, I struggled with spoon-feeding my oldest until I discovered baby-led weaning - a natural, hands-on approach that lets your baby build a foundational love of food. Starting solid foods can be stressful, but I’ll help you cut through the noise with a proven strategy for helping your baby master baby-led weaning.

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Just watching random YouTubers on this topic isn’t enough. Katie’s program helped me understand the entire baby-led weaning process.

Rashmi S
Mom to Ella, 7 months

This program gave me the knowledge to prove and show why baby-led weaning is the way to go. I loved Katie’s gagging vs. choking videos.

Brittany A
Mom to Leo, 6 months

FAQs about Katie's 100 First Foods baby-led weaning program

Is this an expiring program or can I use it for my future babies? Toggle answer visibility

When you join Baby-Led Weaning with Katie Ferraro you have instant and lifetime access to all of the program features. This is not an expiring program. We are constantly updating the program with the latest evidence-based guidelines and research-backed content that will be here for you for as many children as you have! 

Parents often tell us that their decision to do baby-led weaning with the 100 First Foods™ approach is their best parenting decision so far. When you’re not having to short order cook for picky eater kids, we think you’ll be so glad you did this program too!

I work and I’m busy and I don’t think I can make 5 new foods each week…is this for me? Toggle answer visibility

All of the parents and caregivers in this program are busy people. In fact, that’s why they joined: because they don’t have time to hunt and peck all over the internet trying to figure out what foods to feed their baby or how to prepare them in a safe manner. 

This program is everything you need in one place…plus you can prep all 5 of your baby’s new foods for the coming week on the weekend. This program was designed with busy and working parents in mind and your babies deserve to learn how to eat real food too!

I don’t know how to cook. I hate it. Like, can I really make over 100 foods for my baby? Toggle answer visibility

You do not need to be a gourmet chef - or even really like cooking in order to do baby-led weaning the right way. This program has 100 combination food recipes + 100 videos walking you through super simple preparation ideas for each of the 100 foods your baby will be learning how to eat. 

If you think about it…you have to cook for this small person for the next 17 ½ years of their life. We know it is definitely worth it to put in the hard work now, and reap the benefits of a child who loves all sorts of food down the road. This program shows you how to build that foundation for your baby.

I’m terrified of choking. Can’t I just keep doing purees? Toggle answer visibility

Purees are an important texture for your baby to master…they’re just not the only texture your baby can eat. And you know your baby can’t eat purees forever. In fact, research shows that babies with the least amount of practice with finger foods are actually at elevated risk of choking. 

Being scared of choking is natural and it’s actually a good thing, because it means you’ll be more attentive to properly preparing foods for your baby’s age and stage to help lower choking risk. This program is designed with your baby’s utmost safety in mind and it will show you how to make the switch safely.

My doctor isn’t really keen on baby-led weaning but I want to try it. What should I do? Toggle answer visibility

This program is designed for parents and caregivers as well as healthcare professionals looking to learn more about this evidence-based alternative to conventional adult-led spoon feeding. We have many doctors, dietitians and speech language pathologists who have taken the program and are fully on board with a baby-led approach to starting solid foods, even if your doctor is not (...yet :)

Inside of the program you’ll learn about the developmental and nutrition benefits of baby-led weaning, as well as language for talking about your decision to start solid foods this way and the research that supports baby-led weaning. Plus you have access to a supportive community of like-minded parents who want to raise independent children and forego force-feeding by spoon. You are not doing this alone, the program guides you on a path to success.

There are free resources out there about baby-led weaning, can’t I use those? Toggle answer visibility

You are absolutely right. There are lots of resources about what baby-led weaning is and why it’s preferable to conventional adult-led spoon feeding. Many of these programs also feature unproven, arbitrary feeding advice and unsafe food preparation methods.

The Baby-Led Weaning with Katie Ferraro program is the only comprehensive online resource that shows you WHICH foods to make for your baby and how to prepare them safely. The program is evidence-based and is accompanied by personalized coaching and support from a credentialed feeding expert.  

In 2016 Katie created the original 100 First Foods™ approach to starting solid foods with baby-led weaning to help parents avoid the struggles about HOW to make the foods that she encountered when starting solid foods with her children.

Many parents tell us they joined the program because they were frustrated, overwhelmed and confused by the conflicting information they found online for free…oftentimes taught by people who are not credentialed feeding experts. This program has everything in one place that you need to give your baby a safe transition to solid foods using the baby-led weaning approach.

My baby is 8 months old, is it too late to switch to baby-led weaning? Toggle answer visibility

It is not too late for your baby to learn how to self-feed. We have a track in the program that can expedite your baby’s new foods so that you can also achieve 100 foods before turning one. But that flavor window…which is the period of time where your baby will like and accept a wide variety of foods…the flavor window is not going to be open forever. Let’s get started pushing your baby’s palate with some trickier textures today. This program shows you how to implement a texture progression for your baby so they learn to eat a wide variety of age appropriate, safe foods.

What differentiates this program from other baby-led weaning programs? Toggle answer visibility

The Baby-Led Weaning with Katie Ferraro program is the only comprehensive online resource that shows you how to make all of the foods safely for your baby accompanied by personalized coaching and support. Where other programs explain what baby-led weaning is or why it’s preferable spoon-feeding, here you learn how to make it happen - and how to do that safely.

Katie Ferraro is a Registered Dietitian and is the leading credentialed nutrition expert in the baby-led weaning space. She is a college nutrition professor with over 20 years of nutrition education experience, and as a mom of 7 she knows the struggles firsthand of feeding a family and teaching babies how to eat. 

Her 100 First Foods™ program is a trusted and proven approach to help you raise an independent eater and help reduce the risk of picky eating…all while actually having FUN teaching your baby how to eat. 

You are going to enjoy this next phase too. We can’t wait to get started working with you!