Hosted by Katie Ferraro, Registered Dietitian, College Nutrition Professor and mom of 7, the Baby-Led Weaning with Katie Ferraro podcast covers everything you need to know to give your baby a safe start to solid foods using baby-led weaning.

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422Unpacking the Invisible Load of Feeding the Household with Erica Djossa, founder & CEO of Momwell
Katie Ferraro, MPH, RDN
419What is Baby-Led Weaning?
418Everything You Need to Know About FOOD ALLERGIES *Update* (Nutrition Labels, Research & Sesame) with Bob Earl, MPH, RDN
417Is Bone Broth Before Food Good for My Baby?
416Is My Baby Developmentally Ready to Start Solid Foods? with Amy Manojlovski, RDN
415Waking Up at Night Again: Is My Baby Too Hungry After Starting Solid Foods?
414Infant Food Refusal: Is it Reflux or EoE (Eosinophilic Esophagitis)? with Antonella Cianferoni, MD, PhD
413Food Before One is Just for Fun: True or False?
412What To Do if Your Baby Plays with Food with @kid.food.explorers Dani Lebovitz, MS, RDN
411Condiments And Baby-Led Weaning: Do They Mix?
410Empowering Black and African American Breastfeeding Families with @cinnamoms_ Toncé Jackson, EdD, MPH, RDN, CLE
409Does My Baby Need a Multivitamin?
408Is My Baby Neurodivergent? with @on.the.hard.days Megan Champion
407Airplane Snacks: Portable travel food ideas that won't stink up the plane
406Baby Tooth Brushing and Oral Care with @firstgrin Ashley Lerman, DDS
405Are Produce Washes Helpful or Hogwash for Food Safety?
404Storing Breastmilk Safely with Lara Vu, MPH, CLES @milaskeeper
403Tree nuts: do I have to offer all of them or is one enough?
402How This Tube Fed Baby Also Safely Started Solid Foods with @walkietalkieeats Brooke Tibbett
401Does the Order of Allergenic Food Introduction Matter?